Kinkakuji Temple that shines golden

Japanese Culture / Art

Kinkakuji temple(金閣寺) is a sub-temple of Shokokuji temple(相国寺).

Formally, it is called Rokuonji Temple(鹿苑寺).

The popular name “Kinkakuji” refers to the Shariden building(舎利殿).

The first and second floors of the Shariden building are residential style, and the third floor is buddha hall style.

In the pond called Kyokochi(鏡湖池), which reflects the shariden building, there are famous stones such as Kusen-Hakkaiseki(九山八海石).

In the precincts, there is Sekka-tei(夕佳亭), a tea room in the style of Sowa Kanamori, a tea master. The photo below is Sekka-tei.