The Tales of Ise (Isemonogatari)is Japanese classical literature

Japanese Culture / Art

The Tales of Ise is a very famous classical literature, but in fact, neither the author nor the time of its formation is known. All we know is that it was made around 900 AD.
Around 900 years is the Heian period in Japan.
The main character of The Tales of Ise is said to be Ariwara no narihira(在原業平).
Ariwara no Narihira is said to have been beautiful, free-spirited, talented and handsome. He seems to have been very popular with women.

The gossip story of Ariwara no Narihira was handed down even after he died, with many extra stories added. It is said that the story of Ise was put together.

Even today, in Japan, the word “male like Ariwara no Narihira” is used as a synonym for handsome boys.

【Synopsis of the story of Ise】
A long time ago, there was a man who went to the village for falconry after a coming-of-age ceremony (he is Ariwara no Narihira).
Beautiful sisters lived in the village.
So the man immediately cut the sleeves of the clothes he was wearing, wrote a waka poem on it, and gave it to the beautiful sisters.
This is the waka poem written on the sleeve.

My heart, which fell in love with two people who are as attractive as purple grass, is disturbed like the pattern on these sleeves.

春日野の若紫の摺衣 しのぶの乱れかぎり知られず

Writing a waka poem on the sleeve of your clothes and giving it to you is a style that is unique to an educated person.