The deception of “Japanese spirituality”

Japanese Culture / Art

Hello everyone.
I was born and raised in Japan.
Recently, the Japan boom has risen all over the world. And in Japan, there are a lot of Japanese-style inns where you can stay, Japanese food, kimono dressing experience, and tea ceremony experience facilities for overseas tourists.
However, do we Japanese now really feel the “heart of Japan” in the true sense of the word?
I was born in Heisei era and am now 31 years old. What I learned at school is not the teaching of Sen no Rikyu. I have never been taught the heart of Sen no Rikyu.
What I learned is, at best, “group action is important”, “read between the lines”, “it is important to blend in with classmates, it is better not to stand out badly”, “everyone together”, etc.

Today’s education in Japan is no different from the education system of strong army in the Meiji era.
Can we, who have received such an education, speak for the hearts of samurai and Sen no Rikyu to foreigners? At least I can’t easily say “yes”.

I used to read a book called “the book of tea” written by a person named Tenshin Okakura.
The book said “Imperfect Beauty”.
I thought, “It’s not the aesthetic sense we have today.”
Rather, I thought it was a “new aesthetic sense.”

Today’s Japanese are chasing only GDP figures. Can we really feel the “imperfect beauty” in our daily lives?

I would like to ask the readers of this article, especially those in Europe. How do you understand the charm of your country? And how do you send it out? I would appreciate it if you could comment.