Which is happier, living with a strategy or living in good faith?

On a certain SNS, many people, including Bhutanese, Sri Lankans, Chinese, Americans, and Indians, crossed national borders and discussed my questions. thank you very much.

Do you think “honesty” is important?
My parents were sincere to society and paid taxes properly, but they didn’t look happy.
Politicians are extravagant with taxes, but my parents weren’t wealthy at all.
Do we need to pay taxes in good faith when we are so exploited with taxes and have no rewards?
Shouldn’t we think of ways to legally save taxes with tactics?
I look happier those who live by making money through the tactics and falsehoods.
But why do people say “honesty” is important?
What do you think is the value of “conscience”?

Then, an Indian friend commented like this.
“I like the way you live like your parents.”
He also said, “Japan is a good country. India is terrible.”

Another said:
Those who are profitable are not always happy.
It is not up to others to decide whether the person looks happy or not.
It is up to the person to perceive being poor as unhappy or happy.

Another person said:
“A person who lives by making money through tactics and falsehood” is not happy but easy.
It is important for humans to realize that they are sufficient.

Another person said:
Society needs honest human beings.
Society does not need people who are playing and living.
Of course, it’s up to the person to decide which of the two is happier.
The only point is that society is not looking for people who are just playing around.

Another person said.
“However,’honesty’ does not guarantee a person’s well-being. Most people are not always 100% honest. In any situation, choose to believe or not.
“Honesty” is not a panacea. Always think and choose your own actions.

Another person said:
Being honest leads to respect for yourself.
Playing with the money you collect dishonestly can be an insult to yourself.

My conclusion :
In fact, there is no benefit to us when we pay taxes.
We should think of paying taxes for posterity or for prosperity in a sustainable society.
Not all human beings were born with the intention of being born, but when they noticed, they were born.
I would like to help us human beings, who are such beings, to lay the foundation for a better life and a richer life.
And I think there is conscience and honesty as a form of respect for oneself.

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